Happy fall! Even in this unsettled world, there are small joys to celebrate: the love of family and friends; the joy of watching our gardens still producing in the mild New England autumn so far; and the everyday blessings that make us grateful to be alive.

In my little part of the world, this past summer brought the publication of Rich’s Dilemma, #4 in the Morgan’s Fire series set in my favorite summer place—Horseshoe Crab Cove. There was also the beautiful redesign of Jigsaw’s cover! A stand-alone mystery “so far,” I do hope to write another book featuring amateur sleuths Juls and Tuck in 2021! Finally, I am well into draft #1 of Morgan’s Run #11 Aria’s Song (my heart’s in the southwest, even if too soon to travel there) and draft #1 of Morgan’s Fire #5—Lolly’s Wish (more romance in Horseshoe Crab Cove!).

I hope you are staying safe and healthy wherever you are!


ML and Lulu




M. Lee Prescott

M. Lee Prescott is the author of numerous works of fiction for adults, young adults and children, among them the Morgan's Run series, and its spin-off set on the  New England coast, Morgan's Fire. She's also written cozy mystery novels, with the Roger and Bess Mysteries, and crime drama, in the Ricky Steele mysteries.

She teaches and spends time in her New England home with her French Bulldog, Lulu.

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