“She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.” --  Louisa May Alcott

Oh, to have our brains turned by the books we read and love! One of life’s true pleasures, this brain-turning power of books, especially during winter. Curling up with a good book—aah! Many small joys for me to celebrate this year: books that make me laugh, cry, gasp, sigh, and live the characters’ experiences along with them; the warm embrace of community; the love of family and friends; and the joy of watching the snow falls snug in my home, Lulu on my lap. These are a few of the everyday blessings that make me grateful to be alive in 2020.

Speaking of “small joys,” I have good news from the Morgan family of stories—Lolly’s Wish, Morgan’s Fire #5 – is now on pre-order and will be out March 16, 2021! Didn’t the incomparable Ashley Lopez do a spectacular job with the cover? A sneak peek is below!/p>

Heart shattered, Lolly Rogers vows she’ll never love again. She’s got her work, as a partner in Merlin’s Closet, a successful children’s book catalogue, and her daughter Maisie. She does not, I repeat, does not need a man. Besides, even if she wanted a man, where would she find one in tiny little Horseshoe Crab Cove? Then blue-eyed, hunky Jack Faulkner -- with a body that fits hers to perfection -- drives into town and she’s lost, gonzo. Falls like a ton of bricks!

Jack has finally extracted himself from a tortuous relationship so the last thing on his mind is love. Then he spies two women walking down Main Street, one a raven-haired beauty with intense violet eyes and the most luscious body on the planet, and he wonders if he might want to rethink the love thing, or at least the lust thing!

Happy holidays and a happy new year, dear readers! As the Quakers say—“I will hold you in the light” and send light to you during this season and the year ahead. I feel so blessed and grateful to have you in my life.  Warm wishes and happy reading!

Stay safe and healthy!

ML and Lulu

M. Lee Prescott

M. Lee Prescott is the author of numerous works of fiction for adults, young adults and children, among them the Morgan's Run series, and its spin-off set on the  New England coast, Morgan's Fire. She's also written cozy mystery novels, with the Roger and Bess Mysteries, and crime drama, in the Ricky Steele mysteries.

She teaches and spends time in her New England home with her French Bulldog, Lulu.

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