Mia’s Crossing

Mia’s Crossing

Mia’s Crossing
Morgan’s Run 14
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When troubled, anorexic, Mia Brooks flies from London to stay with her aunt and uncle, Leonora, and Ben Morgan, she is immediately embraced by the loving communities of both ranch and town. Support and love surround her soon after she sets foot on the tarmac of Grenville Airport and into the arms of the Morgans and, unexpectedly, into the arms of tall, handsome Brendan Statler with his turquoise blue eyes. 

Will Mia’s illness and Brendan’s past tear these young lovers apart? Will they find a way for love to endure and grow, even when they live oceans apart? Join the southwest and London cousins and friends for book 14 in this beloved series.   

$4.99 USD | 979-8988074618