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Morgan's Run Romances

Valley Home: Hearts of The West

In this east -- west love story, smart, sexy sixty-somethings, billionaire, Spark Foster and artist, Helen Winthrop, decide to take their friendship to the next level in a story that sizzles with passion and heat. All is not rosy, however, when Helen and her daughter, Hazel land in Saguaro Valley. Sparks fly for these two, threatening to tear apart a relationship that has been building for years. Will Helen’s painful past and the objections of his daughter Amy drive these lovers apart? Join these two beloved characters in book 15 in the Morgan’s Run series.

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Mia’s Crossing
SKU: 979-8988074618

When anorexic, Mia Brooks flies from London to Saguaro Valley, she is embraced by a loving community. She sets foot on the tarmac of Grenville Airport and into the arms of Ben and Leonora Morgan and, unexpectedly, into the arms of gorgeous Brendan Statler with his turquoise blue eyes. Will Mia’s illness and Brendan’s past tear these lovers apart?
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Bella's Touch

Running from heartbreak, Bella Jacobi comes to Valley Stables to live with her brother, Tom. As she settles into her job as town midwife, the last thing she expects is to fall head over heels for Whip Kittredge, a wrangler whom locals call Wild Bill Hickok with his shoulder length hair, wild eyes, and a troubled past. Her brother does not approve.
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Tom's Ride
SKU: B09LSM7257

When he meets Grace McGraw the roughhewn, yet carefully sheltered world, he has created is softened, the fires of anguish quenched by love.
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Aria's Song

Despite her incessant flirting, Aria Fiorelli is actually quite inexperienced and clueless when it comes to men. Then gorgeous Jonas Miller breezes into town and sweeps her off her feet.
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A Valley Christmas

A Valley Christmas is Leonora and Ben’s love story. As they plan their fortieth wedding anniversary party and deal with an unexpected health issue, the beloved couple reminisce about when they first fell in love. And it’s the holidays in Saguaro Valley! Family and friends gather to celebrate a wedding, kindle the fires of a new relationship, welcome a Christmas baby, and revel in the ranch’s bountiful Christmas season. Join this loving family, their friends, and east coast cousins in book ten of Morgan’s Run!
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Gus's Home

Hoping a fresh start will be good for him and his two young children, widower Gus Casey takes a job as an assistant trainer at Spark Foster and Ben Morgan Senior’s thoroughbred training facility north of Morgan’s Run. A deathbed promise to his wife, never marry or have children with another woman, seems reasonable until he begins a white-hot affair with teacher Lynn Manguilli. Crazy about the handsome, horse whisperer, Lynn’s heart is shattered when Gus’ promise comes between them. Will these two star-crossed lovers find a way to be together? Come join the Morgan’s Run crew for this ninth book in the series!
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Kyle's Journey

Once again Saguaro Valley works its magic when Harriet Winthrop agrees to a vacation with her mom Helen a friend of the Morgans and Spark Foster. After wrenching heartbreak, Harriet has sworn off men forever. Her first valley evening she meets “swoon-worthy” Kyle Morgan and jumps headlong into a white-hot love affair. “Love em and leave em” Kyle is bowled over by his feelings for the shy, beautiful east coaster. Then shadows of Harriet’s traumatic past sweep over the lovers and their relationship is threatened -- by distance, dangers on the trail and bone shattering memories. Will love bring these two together or keep them apart?

Join the Morgans, Fosters and their growing families in this eighth book of the beloved series. Finally, Kyle gets “his story” and maybe the woman of his dreams! 
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Polly's Heart
SKU: B07BV356Y9

Polly Granger comes to Morgan’s Run to help run the ranch’s new daycare, never dreaming she’ll find love with the scruffy, gorgeous Kevin Larrabee, a contractor, whose crew is building a thoroughbred farm and training center north of the ranch for Ben Morgan Senior and his buddy, Spark Foster. From the moment they meet, Polly’s fragile heart belongs to Kevin. Seventeen years her senior and divorced, he loves her more than he’s ever loved any woman but decides he’s too old for the beautiful schoolteacher. 

Then, Kevin learns of a child from his past who might be his son and his life spirals out of control. In the midst of this, the two begin a passionate affair that threatens Polly’s health and Kevin’s resolve to let her go. Surrounded and embraced by their adopted Valley families, the two wonder if their path to love will ever be clear. 

Join the Morgan family and friends for this much awaited seventh book in the series. The story of these two lovers will have you laughing, crying and everything in between! 
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Ruthie's Love
SKU: B075FC6S89

Ruthie Morgan and Harley Langdon have been doing their passionate dance for years. In love with the drop-dead, gorgeous wrangler for as long as she can remember, Ruthie is frustrated that he regards her as his kid sister. When she learns he is leaving the valley for a job in California, she explodes, heartbroken and angry. 

As Harley contemplates the move, he gazes around at what he’s leaving especially his best friend, Ben Morgan’s little sister, who has grown into a beautiful, sexy woman. When the two begin a sizzling red hot affair, sparks fly and a job offer closer to home means Harley must choose between the chance of a lifetime and the woman he loves.

Join the Morgan family and friends for this much-awaited sixth book in the series. The story of these two lovers will leave your breathless from beginning to end. Warning-- the heat is up several notches on this one!
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Hope's Wonder

One of the Southwest’s most successful painters, Hope Seymour leaves behind a year of grief and despair to nanny for her friend, Beth Morgan’s new baby. Not five minutes after arriving in the Valley, she comes face-to-face with Beth’s brother, Robbie, the gorgeous adventure guide with whom she danced at Beth and Lang’s wedding. Instantly, their fiery attraction reignites and a white-hot affair begins.

Then, Ruthie, the youngest Morgan sibling, fails to return from a pack trip. Family, neighbors, and friends join the search, including Hope, an expert rider. Days on the trail give the couple time to think. While confirmed bachelor, Robbie recognizes that he has found the love of his life, Hope realizes that the secret she carries means she must let him go. 

Come join the Morgans and their friends in this sweet, sexy romance, the fifth title in this popular series. 
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Rose's Choice

His career as a successful architect in shambles when he finds himself in the midst of a sexual harassment suit, Sam Morgan returns to his family’s ranch a broken man. There he finds comfort in the arms of Rose Dillon, a gifted pediatric neurosurgeon, and dear family friend. In true Morgan fashion, he wooed Rose a year earlier, then left town breaking her heart. While Rose vows to stay away, she finds herself once again head over heels in love with the dark-haired Morgan son. Has he been falsely accused or is he the sexual predator his senior colleague claims he is?

When Rose is viciously assaulted, Sam puts his own problems aside to comfort and support her. A white-hot romance develops between them only to be threatened by her job offer three thousand miles away and the possibility that this young couple will be torn apart once again. 

Come join the Morgans and their friends as they live, love, and support one another in this fourth book in the series. 
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Jeb's Promise

Spark Foster drags his daughter Amy kicking and screaming on an extended vacation to Morgan’s Run. Sworn off men after a painful break-up, Amy takes a ride with adorably cute, wrangler Jeb Barnes and her broken heart skips more than one beat! Jeb is grieving the loss of his “almost fiancée,” and his white-hot attraction to the beautiful stranger from Portland shakes him to the core. 

Like moths to flames, neither can stay away from each other as they work side-by-side at Emma’s Dream, a camp for handicapped kids. As her vacation ends, Amy must face the hardest decision of her life-- walking away from Jeb and Emma’s Dream as well as four-year-old Toby Cooper, a foster child, who has captured her heart and Jeb’s so completely.

Join the Morgan family and friends in book three, Jeb’s Promise, and discover why so many readers have fallen in love with Morgan’s Run and Saguaro Valley! 
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Lang's Return

In this sweet, sexy romance, Lang Dillon’s life is flipped upside down when he discovers a tall, beautiful woman bent over her truck’s hood sobbing. His reluctant return home for his parents’ wedding anniversary, takes a major detour on that dusty road in Saguaro Valley. Beth Morgan’s neat ordered life shattered, she turns to the sexy, handsome visitor for comfort and finds more than she bargained for as their white-hot romance develops. Should she risk her heart again when Lang heads home to Boston in less than two weeks? Stay away she tells herself, but that proves impossible and Beth’s risks a broken heart all over again. As a teenager, Lang could not get out of Arizona fast enough, but this time it’s not so easy. If he goes back to the life he loves, he leaves behind the woman he adores, who has rocked his world as no woman ever has. He also leaves his heart. Be sure to join the Morgan family and friends in book three, Jeb’s Promise!
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Emma's Dream

A woman is the last thing on Ben Morgan’s mind as he comes home to Morgan’s Run, his family’s ranch in Saguaro Valley. Doctor’s orders, he’s home to heal, but the sooner he can get back to Santa Barbara, the better. Then he runs into Maggie Williams on Main Street, prompting vivid memories of a magical night, and Ben’s ailing heart skips a beat. 

Father of her beloved five-year-old daughter, the eldest of the Morgan sons is the last person Maggie expects to have crashed into her car and back into her life. For years, she has struggled to forget him and to make a life for herself and her daughter, Emma, the mirror image of a father, who is unaware of her existence. Now, here he is, looking more gorgeous than the day he ran out of town. Maggie swears Ben Morgan will never break her heart again. 
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