Morgan’s Run Romances

Book 1: Emma’s Dream

Book 2: Lang’s Return

Book 3: Jeb’s Promise

Book 4: Rose’s Choice

Book 5: Hope’s Wonder

Book 6: Ruthie’s Love

Book 7: Polly’s Heart

Book 8: Kyle’s Journey

Book 9: Gus’ Home

Book 10: A Valley Christmas
Book 11: Aria's Song
Book 12: Tom's Ride


    Morgan’s Fire Romances

     Book 1: Lucy’s Hearth

    Book 2: Tim’s Hands

    Book 3: Pam’s Garden

    Book 4: Rich’s Dilemma
    Book 5: Greta's Goat
    Book 6: A Horseshoe Crab Cove Christmas

    Ricky Steele Mysteries

      Book 1: Prepped to Kill
    Book 2: Gadfly
    Book 3: Lost in Spindle City
    Book 4: Poof!

    Rodger and Bess Mysteries
Book 1: A Friend of Silence
    Book 2: In the Name of Silence
    Book 3: The Silence of Memory