Some FAQ's About Lee and Her Books

1.      What inspired you to write the Morgan’s Run Romances series? My many visits to the southwest. Love it there – the people and the extraordinarily beautiful places.

2.     When you started this series, did you already have a clear vision of the books and characters you wanted to write about? Or did that evolve over time? I knew the books would be about the Morgan family -- their loves, heartaches, and daily lives—but many of the most beloved characters and situations evolved or popped up over time. My characters never cease to surprise me as they take me along on this amazing journey!

3.     How do you keep track of your series details? I keep very detailed notes and biographies on each character, place, and all details right down to the horses and what they like to eat. Some writers call this their bible. I call it my right hand, or right brain!

4.     In the first book, Emma’s Dream is a second chance romance. What made Maggie give Ben a second chance? Well… there is the kind of white-hot attraction those two had and still have, but really their relationship is about a deep love and a “coming home” that both recognize. Maggie can’t turn her back on that for the sake of Emma’s happiness or her own.

5.     Book 6, Ruthie’s Love, tells us more about Ruthie Morgan and the woman she’s become in this book. She’s always been the “baby” of the family (and always will be in some ways), but she begins to grow up in Ruthie’s Love. She stops playing games and dating men simply to flaunt them in front of Harley, and goes after what her heart wants (Harley) in a direct, mature way.

6.     What about Harley? What makes him a swoonworthy hero and more importantly, worthy of Ruthie? Oh, my goodness—Harley! He’s enigmatic, drop-dead gorgeous, and sexy as hell. He’s his own man and has a deep love for the Morgans, his adopted family. He’s strong and protective, a very loyal friend and he’s always there for the people he loves. *** Spoiler alert*** Don’t read on if you want to be surprised! When Ruthie goes missing in Hope’s Wonder, Harley’s heart is wide open for all to see as he searches the desert to find and rescue her.

7.  What’s the most romantic moment between Polly and Kevin? There are many, but this one from their first date follows a romantic dinner at a remote farm-to-table restaurant called Vermillion.

            “Lights twinkled along a path that circled the cluster of farm buildings. They walked the length of it, then headed to the truck. As Kevin opened her door, she turned. “Thank you for this.”

             “My pleasure.” He bent and kissed her, softly at first. Then as she responded, his lips parted hers and his tongue delved deep. Kevin felt himself grow hard and pulled her closer.

            Polly felt his desire and wrapped her arms around his neck, every fiber of her body wanting him. “Oh, oh,” she gasped as he trailed kisses down her slender neck.

            “Want to see if they rent rooms?” he asked, his voice husky as he cupped her breasts, caressing and teasing until he could feel her nipples harden. “I’m not sure I can drive home with this boner.”

            “Hey folks, everything okay?” asked a voice from behind the truck.

            They turned, mortified to see Edna waving.

            “Yeah, great,” Kevin said. “Never better.”

            “Come back and see us again real soon!” she called brightly, chuckling as she headed toward the main house.

            Polly buried her head on his chest, giggling. “Think she knew what we were doing?”

            “Absolutely. Must’ve been something they put in the food. Come on, we’d better get a move on.”

            The ride back was quiet. Polly had so much she wanted to ask, but the time wasn’t right. Despite their passionate embrace, they still barely knew each other. If he’d asked, I’d have torn my clothes off right there in the Vermillion parking lot. Where did that come from?”

8.  Which is your favorite scene in the entire series? Why? (You may quote a short scene as a teaser, max approximately 700 words. Please also state from which book the scene comes.) I’d have to say Maggie and Ben’s wedding in Emma’s Dream and what Emma does. If I describe or provide a teaser, it may spoil that amazing magical moment for readers who haven’t yet read the book so I’ll leave it at that. J

9.  For new readers, would you advise them to start from Book 1 or any book in the series would be fine? I’d suggest beginning with book #1 (Emma’s Dream) and go right through the series as the characters’ lives built and grow from that first book.

10.  How do you come up with such a strong and memorable romance and love scenes? The characters do it for me. I know them well and trust that they will lead the way straight from their strong, brave hearts.

11.  What is it about writing contemporary romances that draws you? Contemporary romance makes me laugh, cry and live life right along with these vibrant, memorable characters. There are so many smiles as well as those “touch and go” moments, but I’m all about happy endings!!

12.  Among all the characters in the series, major and minor, which is your favorite? Harley’s one of my favorites. He’s enigmatic, drop-dead gorgeous, and sexy as hell. He’s his own man and has a very deep love for his adopted family. He’s strong and protective, a very loyal friend and he’s always there for the people he loves. He’s also lots of fun to tease and place into scenes where I know he’ll be aggravated as hell (like on pack trips with fussy, rich, inexperienced riders J). I’m partial to Maggie as well for her courage and resilience in parenting alone and caring for her beloved Emma before Ben Morgan comes back into her life. I adore Ben Morgan Senior, patriarch of this amazing clan, not to mention Leonora, his wife, Spark Foster, and on and on and on!

13.  Which character in the series is the most difficult to write? I love most of my characters, but there are a few who were difficult and horrid. An example would be the abusive, bully Butch Reynolds, boyfriend of Toby Hooper’s mom in book three (Jeb’s Promise). *** Spoiler Alert ***Thankfully, Butch’s appearance was very brief and Toby now lives with his loving parents Amy and Jeb Barnes.

14.  What kind of research did you do in the process of writing this series? Please share with us an interesting fact or trivia that you came across. I did a lot of research about the mustang adoption and training program that is featured in this series. After training at Morgan’s Run, these brave, strong, formerly wild horses go on to serve as mounts for our courageous border patrol agents who often work in remote, challenging terrain. I have corresponded with a remarkable woman who read the books and has, herself, adopted one of these horses. I hope to meet her someday!

Quick Questions & Answers

Last book you read: State of Terror.

Favorite vacation location: Anywhere in the UK.
Favorite dessert: ice cream with chocolate sauce
Favorite drink: coconut seltzer
Favorite place to write: My porch glider with a cup of tea.
Favorite household appliance: My electric teapot.
Favorite TV series: Changes all the time, but I recently enjoyed “Lupin.” Loved, loved, loved “Schitt’s Creek” and “Grace and Frankie,” and, of course, so many Hallmark movies!
Favorite movie: Brooklyn
Favorite book: Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse (Henkes)—Lily is my kind of heroine!
Can’t leave home without it: water bottle
Favorite chocolate: dark
Favorite cartoon character: Tweety bird
Favorite foods: Lobster and ice cream
Most influential person: My parents