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Roger and Bess Mysteries

Silencing the Pen
SKU: 978-1737903499

The brutal murder of a young poet, on a writers’ retreat along with his wife, Bess, brings Lieutenant Roger Demaris and his RHD team to Gooseberry Island. As the RHD team as well as Bess and friends, race to discover the murderer, shadows from the past put them all in danger, provoking another murder. Protecting Bess and his team of detectives tests every skill in Demaris’s arsenal in book 4 of this cozy mystery series.
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The Silence of Memory
SKU: B01525T2OW

Once again the quiet, seaside village of Old Harbor is shaken by a series of murders. Someone is killing members of a women’s mystery book club and all clues lead back to lothario, Dennis Harrison, who appears to have slept with half the women within a ten-mile radius. When a child goes missing and a woman’s body is found in the woods zipped into a golf bag belonging to Harrison, Roger Demaris, head of RHD, an elite regional homicide team, is yanked from his honeymoon to investigate. 

As newlyweds Roger and Bess move into their new house and anticipate the arrival of his children for a visit, RHD races to find a killer before he or she strikes again. Then, another member of the book club is killed, a third viciously attacked, and two villagers vanish. Will Roger, Pete, Greta, and Brendan find them in time or has a stealthy predator slipped the noose again? 

Join Demaris, Bess, and the gang as this third Roger and Bess Mystery speeds towards its breathless conclusion!
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In the Name of Silence

A shocking murder on the eve of a wedding sends Roger Demaris and his elite homicide team to the village of Old Harbor where the son of the village’s wealthiest citizen is found dead in the woods with an arrow through his heart. 

No hunting accident, Demaris’ team pursues a ruthless killer as they delve into the victim’s past and what lies beneath the silence. Six weeks away from marriage to Bess Dore, a local teacher and old flame of Demaris, the deceased has left a string of women who loved him and a village mourning a popular, generous citizen. What lies beneath the silence? What hides behind a name?
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A Friend of Silence

What safer haven could there be than a Quaker boarding school in a tiny New England coastal village? What secrets lie beneath its serene and quiet beauty? 

Out of the blue, the campus is laid open, the peace of Old Harbor Friends shattered by the murder of lascivious, comptroller, Milt Wickie. Wickie is discovered in his office, a scrimshaw knife protruding from his chest, a knife belonging to beloved teacher and grieving widow, Bess Dore. 

Initially a suspect, the forty-two-year-old, Bess is soon exonerated and jumps headlong into a murder investigation along with old flame, police detective, Roger Demaris, and Harry Winthrop, an amateur sleuth, prolific writer, and the son of the school’s wealthiest patron. 

Will Bess find romance along the way, giving her heart to the gruff police officer, who still adores her, or to the fly-by-night, but charming Harry who is clearly smitten? Will the killer strike again? Will the silence and calm of the 200-year old Friends school ever again be restored? 
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