Lost in Spindle City
Lost in Spindle City

Lost in Spindle City

Ricky Steele Mystery 3
Published by Mount Hope Press
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After discovering a child prostitute on her doorstep, P.I. Ricky Steele begins a wild search for her client’s 12-year-old friend. Her quest plunges her deep into Spindle City’s thriving underworld of drugs and prostitution. From there, the investigation takes her to the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods and its exclusive country club, worlds she happily left behind in her teens. Murders, beatings, and near misses plague the intrepid sleuth as she closes in on a killer. Join Ricky for this rollicking ride filled with danger, romance, and surprise.

"As usual, the subject matter finds a way to stir our conscience, in this one, it's street kids' travails But our Ricky is funny and self-effacing in a familiar, endearing way. This makes for a good read. And romantically, this time she leaves the juicy parts for last. I'll be passing my paper copy along to whoever wants it. Keep them coming, Lee...'
$3.99 USD | B00MZ5ZVGQ | August 22, 2014