Ricky Steele Mystery 2
Published by Mount Hope Press
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Ricky Steele, a fifty-eight-year-old odd jobber, is at it again, this time investigating the death of the husband of a childhood friend. Following Ron Harp’s funeral, Ricky finds herself on the wrong side of local police as she becomes embroiled in small-town politics, uncovers long-held secrets, and investigates multiple murders. She also rekindles a romance with drop-dead gorgeous, Jay Harp, the deceased’s brother. As Ricky pushes and probes, she unleashes a killer’s rage. This first-person narrative laced with wit and humor offers the second glimpse of this PI in action.

"Prescott does an excellent job of keeping the reader guessing as to whom the murderer could be, and it is a complete surprise when we find out, and the motive is something we would have never guessed! Although there was a large and varied list of characters to keep track of, I realized that in order to spin this web of intrigue, all these characters were necessary in order to weave the different threads of the story into whole cloth."
$3.99 USD | B006HW5LF4 | December 3, 2011